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Kari of KariDDesigns loves to use a variety of different mediums. She pours positive energy and joy into all of her work. Through the creation of her paintings, illustrations, and patterns, she hopes to uplift the Spirit and mood of her viewers. Kari, as many of us do, went through a very trying time in her life and found solace and safety in her art.  A daily practice of art journaling guided her to express the challenging emotions that she didn’t understand so that she could begin to find her way back to calm, peace, and clarity. She continues this technique to keep herself grounded in love and appreciation which is where her heart belongs. She has a keen awareness that if expression through art is healing, she wants to share that knowledge with others who may also be hurting.


Mostly inspired by what she acutely observes in her surroundings, funny things her twin girls say, or the influence of her youngest daughter's light-hearted energy. More recently her new grandson has become her latest muse and his curiosity has sparked childlike awe and wonder in her artistic expression. Her work has been described as whimsical, colorful, fun, and peaceful.

She never leaves the house without a sketchbook and relishes the opportunity to sketch in it. Sometimes her sketches are used for illustrations or motifs to create patterns. Occasionally a sketch will lead to a painting, but typically she prefers to let the paint and intuition guide the painting into what it will become. She has shown her artwork in both group and individual exhibits.

She enjoys working from her beautiful, small town on the east coast where she resides with her three cherished daughters, her high school sweetheart (husband), and a fluffy, full-of-personality rescue dog. Here the change of seasons always brings about beautiful insight and inspiration for her work.

If you would like to license her patterns or illustrations please contact her. Or if you have an idea for a custom creation made just for you please let her know and you can discuss a commissioned piece. She also has originals and prints of her work available for purchase.

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